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That Darren Guy

> Technology Architect – Cloud Computing and Managed Services

> Broadcast Infrastructure Specialist

> Music and Content Patron

> On-Air Talent and Presenter


I am a technology professional with a specialisation for designing and building high availability infrastructure in mission critical computing and broadcast radio environments.

As a business entrepreneur, from Sydney Australia, I’ve launched companies — both home and abroad in Singapore, the United States and New Zealand — including employing teams, designing and building infrastructure for start-ups and SMEs through to banking and telco.

I’ve studied (radio) broadcast, from music and content, programming and talent, production and audio engineering to on-air presentation, technology and infrastructure.

I have tech end to end vision and experience from concept or idea to design, build, deploy and run, complimented with business skills from building and nurturing teams to infrastructure acquisition and vendor management.

Easy going, approachable, well organised and outcome focused.